David Lee Roth's Imposter David Kuntz: Crazier Than We Imagined

It takes a special kind of crazy to impersonate a celebrity beyond Las Vegas' city limits, but David Kuntz isn't just nuts — he's the kind of dude who could inspire the American Psychiatric Association to consider a total revamp of the DSM. That's because he's been trying to pass himself off as Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth.

Last week, several news organizations reported that Canadian authorities had pulled Diamond Dave over for driving erratically and that he'd told the cops he was speeding because of an allergic reaction he was having to peanuts. Seeing as Roth is a certified EMT, it didn't seem quite right or believable. The cops brought the man they thought was Roth to the hospital anyway, and he was seen later that evening in a bar with two women in hospital scrubs.

A few days later came the news that there was a Roth impersonator on the loose, and that police were on the lookout for David Kuntz, a musician who looks more like Eddie Van Halen's malnourished brother than a Roth doppelganger. According to reports, Kuntz told everyone he was Roth, and even tricked patrons at an Ontario bar into thinking he was the rock icon when he got onstage and performed with the house band. Seriously. The woman who owns said bar told a local newspaper that she was "drawn in by the flashy scarves and alligator shoes" Kuntz was wearing.

Now, an article in Ontario's Simcoe Reformer reports that Kuntz may be even more unstable than we originally thought. Apparently, Kuntz was involved in a 1989 murder trial, which portrayed him as a manipulative genius who convinced one of his two girlfriends to kill the other. The paper says Kuntz's girlfriend, Kimberly Blinkhorn, stabbed his late fiancee, Rowena Parsons, 70 times with an 8-inch carving knife. During the trial, Blinkhorn told the court that Kuntz controlled her and told her that it was her "job" to kill Parsons. Blinkhorn testified that Kuntz told her he'd sold his soul, but during the trial, he said he'd said that as a figure of speech.

Kuntz was never charged with Parsons' killing, and Blinkhorn was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.