No Age Video: Think It’s Just Noise? Maybe You Don’t Get It, Man …

By Christopher “CJ” Smith

Since the FNMTV premiere of “Eraser,” the lo-fi, high-concept video from Los Angeles skate-punk duo No Age, the comments have been pouring in at Some hate on the gritty lo-fi sound and arguably indecipherable lyrics, while others are reveling in the distortion and walls of noise.

But No Age aren’t the only ones these days playing with the lo-fi sound; there’s a whole slew of bands revolving around the simple DIY aesthetic, crafting music in their basements, garages and bedrooms across America (we even made a mixtape in order to give you guys a sampling).

So for those who don’t quite get the sound — and those who are loving every overblown into-the-red second — take a look at our larger video piece on the scene. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about why they did it and where they’re coming from. Just be sure to play it loud!


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