Britney Houston Stars In MTV's 'Newsical' Pilot -- Check It Out Here!

Months ago, before Britney Houston had us all in stitches with her Pussycat Dolls parody, she was giving me dancing lessons ... sort of!

You see, back in February, (while I was pulling "American Idol" and "Project Runway" double duty,) my buddy Christopher Smith and I had the opportunity to develop and pilot a bunch of ideas for MTV News. One idea that we were super-excited about was called "The Newsical," where the MTV Newsroom would explode into an over-the-top musical number. I wrote a song and we began storyboarding. But we knew nothing about choreography or dancing (or, as some might argue, singing). So we put Britney Houston and her amazing, hard-working cohorts to work. Their job? Fill the frame with Broadway-style choreography, and help make us MTV Newsies look like triple-threats.

While the pilot ultimately never got picked up, and while the lyrics now refer to stories that are months old (and long forgotten ... Yoko Ono dropped a lawsuit? Huh?), we still hold a special place in our hearts for the Newsical and thought we'd share it with you all anyway. Keep your eyes peeled for a Britney Houston cameo (or three)!


Check out the lyrics after the jump. And bragging rights go to the first commenter who correctly guesses which week I'm singing about.

"The MTV Newsical"

Words and music by Jim Cantiello

Britney Spears is still crazy

Papa Jamie remains her keeper

But you can't call her lazy

On Mondays, she's a dancing teacher

The Grammys were dull, felt like time had stopped

(tick tock!)

But then Kanye got Herbie Hancock blocked

What a shock!

Tony Yayo got slapped with a plea

Boston said "no!" to Mike Huckabee

Aretha's hungry for beef with B

Alicia won big with the NAACP

Mimi's new album title

Is classic crazy Mariah

On "American Idol"

The top 24 meant no more Josiah

Bai Ling's arrested, shoplifting's a crime

And then The Game had a gun, serving 60 days time

Plus a fine

Jack Johnson's #1 debut

Aerosmith will be Guitar Heroes, too

Usher's leaked songs streaming on YouTube

Wino's hubby OD's, well that's nothing new

Jay-Z says there's no LA Reid feud

Yoko Ono says she will not sue

Madonna's new movie was met with boos

You hear it first, only at MTV News!