Shannen Doherty Returns To Her Old Zip As '90210' Nostalgia Reaches New Heights

Shannen Dohery, Credit: Frederick M. Brown - Getty ImagesBy Danielle Beavers

A little piece of all of us disappeared in 2000, when the amazing drama that was "Beverly Hills, 90210" left the air after 10 sideburned seasons.

But soon, we'll get a bit of the magic back in a new "90210" series set for the CW. Of course, we've known for a while that Jennie Garth would return as Kelly Taylor, now a guidance counselor. But this week we found out that Shannen Doherty is moving back to our fav zip code as Brenda Walsh.

For fans who followed every twist, turn and unfortunate hairstyle when Doherty and the gang originally reigned on Fox (and for the many more who soaked up every rerun in syndication), this is a bigger headline than Andrea ever dug up. Kelly and Brenda did not get along on- or offscreen (long rumored to be a big reason why Doherty left the show in the first place). Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little longer for Donna Martin to join this happy catfight: Though Tori Spelling originally agreed to return in a recurring role, her appearance has now been pushed back after the birth of her new daughter.

Even the Peach Pit is coming back, but no word yet if Nat and his pearls of wisdom will return as well. Now, we're just waiting for the other original cast members to give up their Lifetime movie roles and move back to the old neighborhood, so that we may all be complete again. (Luke Perry has publicly said he "doesn't see it happening," but we can!) But are we just overly nostalgic here? Will the new "90210" have the same feel as before? Or is the whole thing a ridiculous idea?