Shan Foster Posts Video Of Himself Singing About Being Picked In NBA Draft, And The Results Are ... Er ...

Shan Foster appears in his YouTube videoBy Steven Roberts

What can we say about Shan Foster? The former Vanderbilt shooting guard — nicknamed "Sugar Shan" because his shot is that sweet — was named the 2008 SEC Player of the Year. He left Vanderbilt as the school's all-time points and three-point leader. He was named as a second team All-American by The Associated Press.

To top that off, he was selected 51st by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2008 NBA Draft. There's nothing bad we can really say about Foster ... well, except maybe that he shouldn't quit his day job.

Video of Foster singing joyfully hit the Web last week, and let's just say he can't wait to play in the NBA! The video starts off with amateurish B-roll shots of pictures of Foster lying on the window sill. It then pans down to the floor for a look at his backpack and basketball in the corner, before it's raised back up to Foster playing his keyboard, attached to his Mac's Garage Band.

Judging by how barren his room looks, it's no wonder he can't wait to leave. We only see the white sheets on Foster's bed, as he plays his keyboard with his knees in his chest. (Hopefully, he'll buy a piano with his signing bonus.)

Foster sings about how he has accomplished his dream, playing for Vandy, the U.S. National Team and now the NBA, all the while maintaining "from New Orleans to Tennessee I'm the best at shooting the three."

While it wasn't half bad — or half good — at least he wasn't asking Kobe how a certain part of his body tastes ...