For The Record: Shakira, David Cook, Heidi Montag & More

Shakira· Despite the recent departure of the man who started the whole mega-deal trend at Live Nation, it looks like Shakira may be the next artist to sign a multimillion-dollar pact with the touring giant. Reports say a deal worth a potential $70 million for the Latin star's touring, merchandising and recording could be wrapped before the end of the month.

· "American Idol" winner David Cook loves Hinder and, apparently, the boozy hard rockers love him right back. Singer Austin Winkler said he's a fan and would like to write some songs for Cook's debut album.

· Heidi Montag has done it again. "The Hills" star, who recently talked about wanting to record a Christian album, has followed up her ode to "Fashion" with an homage to ... drinking. The Britney-esque Euro club banger "One More Drink" features lines like "Sipping on that happy juice," "I'm drinking on that Goose" and "I'm getting lost in this liquid high."

· Don't like the way Alanis Morissette sings on her new album, Flavors of Entanglement? Then check out the karaoke contest she's holding on her MySpace page, and if she likes your version you could win two tickets to the Alanis show of your choice and an autographed microphone.

· Rape charges filed in Jackson, Mississippi, against Poison drummer Rikki Rockett were dropped after authorities determined that the man they are looking for is likely an imposter who passes himself off as the glam-metal musician in order to pick up women. Rockett (born Richard Ream) said he was with his fiancee watching her try on wedding dresses at the time the alleged crime occurred.

· Lindsay and Ali Lohan might soon get some musical competition from a sibling they didn't even know existed. Ashley Kaufmann, the alleged illegitimate child of Michael Lohan, is reportedly approaching labels about a record deal. And an unnamed industry insider said she has "more talent than Lindsay or Ali." Really?