50 Cent Smooches Every MTV News Intern: 'I Get To Kiss All The Lovely White Girls!'

50 CentBy Danielle Beavers

Almost anyone who's heard of 50 Cent would assume he is the epitome of a player. After Monday's experience with G-Unit, a few of our female interns now know just how big of one he truly is.

As a News intern, I sometimes get to sit in and watch how interviews are conducted. When word spread that 50 and G-Unit were on their way over for a sitdown with Tim Kash, a bunch of us jumped at the opportunity to help out. What ensued was both entertaining and slightly uncomfortable.


Now, to be completely honest, I don't know a whole lot about G-Unit, but it was interesting to observe the dynamic between 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. With many of Tim's questions directed more toward Fiddy, it's hard to understand how the other two live in his shadow, chiming in only to support whatever argument 50 was making. At one point, Lloyd Banks even turned his back to the cameras, giving up on the whole interview.

50 may not have been paying much attention to his bandmates but he was definitely showing some interest in the News interns that came down to watch. For the record, there were seven of us and we were all female.

"What's up, baby!" he blurted at our direction (some would argue it was me) with a "come hither" grin right in the middle of the interview ... very awkward!

But things were about to get weirder. Just as Tim was wrapping up, 50 inexplicably sauntered away from the cameras and proceeded to kiss each of the female interns on the cheek.

"I get to kiss all the lovely white girls!" Fiddy proudly declared.

Generally, we unpaid helpers are looked at by the famous as "Intern 1, Intern 2," etc., and even more often we go unacknowledged. So it was nice to get some attention, but I don't know if getting a wet one from such an outspoken ladies man is anything to rave about.

None of us were too excited about the lips on our cheek that have probably been on hundreds of other women, but we all took one and laughed. Either way, it was a moment I don't think any of us will ever forget: getting smooched by one of the biggest hip-hop artists of our time.