50 Cent Leaks Tape Of Tearful Phone Conversation With Young Buck

My good friend Miss Info wasn’t exaggerating (not that she ever does) when she said a horrible revelation would be hitting her blog, www.missinfo.tv, on Tuesday: She said there would be another round in the G-Unit/ Young Buck fallout saga. She later posted audio of a phone conversation between Buck and 50 that was pitiful: Buck seemingly sobbed on the phone to 50, apologizing for any uncalled-for comments or actions he may have committed and basically pleaded to be back in the family. 50 coddled him as Buck went on about serious financial difficulties with the IRS. 50 told him everything was going to be all right, he just had to “stay close.”

But things are far from OK. Buck has been estranged from the camp for months, and 50 has made some strong comments and allegations against him. But this audio signals the official end of an era. Now, this is nothing as drastic as Ice Cube leaving N.W.A, but over the past five or six years, we’ve become accustomed to Buck bringing that Southern brashness to 50’s crew’s records. Buck’s presence added regional diversity.

What also raises a serious eyebrow is the fact that 50 taped the phone convo in the first place (not to mention the fact that, if he recorded the conversation from his home in Connecticut,
he may have broken the law). Does he have dirt on Banks and Yayo that may hit the public if they fall out of his favor?

However, Buck is no angel in this equation. He’s hinted at allegiances with Unit foes Fat Joe and Game, and more recently said “F— G-Unit” at one of his concerts. He had to know that 50 — a man he’s been so close to for more than five years — would come with some sort of retaliation. We all know that Fif doesn’t stand for what he perceives as disrespect or disloyalty.

I’m expecting things to get uglier …

(Buck hopes to have the last word in the matter, with the new song “Taped Conversation” — and you can listen to the whole track here!)

Was it right for 50 to leak the tape of this phone conversation? Let us know what you think …

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