Metallica Web Mystery Solved: Forthcoming LP Will Be Called Death Magnetic

Last week, a mysterious image popped up on Metallica’s Web site — an image that continued to morph over the next few days. It began June 9 with just two letters, D and C, in the middle of four sideways Metallica M’s arranged to look like magnetic rays. Each day, more letters were added. Because the band had promised it would soon divulge the title of its forthcoming album (due in stores this fall), several fans accurately surmised that the image would eventually reveal the LP’s name. Some guessed the title would be Magnetica.

On Saturday, just before the band’s set at Bonnaroo, the image changed for the last time, providing fans with the answer they’d been waiting for. It seems that Metallica have named their next record Death Magnetic, which, let’s face it, is not that much of a step up from St. Anger.

Last month, drummer Lars Ulrich told MTV News that the record will contain 14 tracks, which he described as “long songs, maybe seven-, eight-, nine-minute, nutty-ass songs.”

He added that the material is “pretty all over the place: a lot of variation, a lot of fast, slow, melodic, hardcore, nutty, super-fast speed stuff. It’s more like some of the earlier records, which were a little more dynamic within the songs. And on those records, there were a lot of long songs that were — without sounding too corny — journeys. You’d go here and then you’d go over here and then this, and then that would happen. It feels like kind of a lot of that stuff.”

Death Magnetic was produced by Rick Rubin (Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers), marking the first time in a long time that the band hasn’t utilized the talents of Bob Rock.

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