For The Record: Kanye West, G-Unit, Coldplay & More

· Bonnaroo fans love glow sticks, flashing lights, fat beats and banging jams. What they don’t love, Kanye, is waiting until 4:25 a.m. for a headlining set.

· Young Buck finally dissed his old crew, as 50 Cent predicted he would months ago. During a concert in Tampa, Florida, the ousted MC yelled, “F— G-Unit!”

· The mug-shot hall of shame got a new resident on Saturday when a dejected-looking Shante Broadus, 32, better known as Snoop Dogg’s wife, was arrested early in the morning on suspicion of drunk driving.

· Coldplay have been vying to be the biggest band in the world for several years now, and they’ve just passed one of the crucial milestones: Unknown Brooklyn group Creaky Boards have accused the British rockers of ripping off one of their songs for the Viva la Vida title track. The tune’s title? “The Songs I Didn’t Write.”

· The boss of the Federal Communications Commission has given his thumbs-up to the long-brewing deal between former satellite-radio rivals XM and Sirius. A final vote could be just three weeks away.

· Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player hasn’t exactly set the world on fire among the hipster set. But we don’t, ahem, see a Club iPod mentioned in the L.A. weekend entertainment listings.

· Kid Rock had to duck out of England’s Download Festival over the weekend when he was sent to the hospital by a bout of dehydration and stomach cramps. He may have caught the nasty bug the night before, which he reportedly spent at London’s Whisky Mist nightclub.

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