For The Record: Beck, Motley Crue, Michael Jackson & More

· Beck has finally confirmed the release date for his upcoming Danger Mouse-produced album, Modern Guilt. The 10-track LP — featuring the trippy first single, “Chemtrails” — will drop July 8. A release announcing the disc describes it as vacillating between “economy and experimentation, hybrid and pop classicism, while consistently manifesting Beck and Danger Mouse’s shared interest in psych-rock, folk, electronic minimalism and orchestration.” What, no space-age polkas? No drum-machine-assisted cumbias?

· Mötley Crüe shout at … their former manager. The band has filed a suit against Burt Stein and his companies, alleging that Stein screwed them out of lots of cash.

· It’s the battle of the century! Perez Hilton has been saying mean things about Lily Allen, and she’s pissed! Go, Lily go!

· Michael Jackson might be coming out with his own clothing line. Blah, blah, blah, designer surgical mask joke.

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