Pussycat Dolls In ‘Boobiegate ’08’: What Do You Think They’re Saying In ‘When I Grow Up’?

OK, so we now know Britney Spears’ cameo didn’t make the cut for the Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up” video. But we’re even more interested in what the girls are actually saying in the song — or more specifically, what you think they’re saying. You’ll be able to check out the video when it premieres on MTV’s new music show, “FNMTV,” Friday night, but for reference, check out the girls’ performance of the song at the MTV Movie Awards right here.


Now, what is it they want after driving “nice cars”? Rubies? Groupies? Doobies? Scoobies? Droogies? Let us know — your comment may be featured on a forthcoming MTV News segment!