Miley Cyrus Steps Up The AC/DC Vs. M&M Dance Battle

In a world — cue dramatic underscore — where 30-second videos rule the Internet, Miley Cyrus has officially changed the airwaves (Inter-waves?) with her latest 10-minute answer to the AC/DC dance crew.

The story began two months ago when Adam Sevani (Moose from “Step Up 2: The Streets”) and Jon Chu (the movie’s director) challenged Miley to “the biggest online dance battle in YouTube history.” Miley and her friend Mandy responded with a counterstrike set to Madonna’s “Four Minutes,” but Chu’s retaliation involved celebs including Adam Sandler, Brittany Snow, Diana Ross, Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan.

Given M&M’s far less star-studded video, it had to be over, right?

Well, yesterday — two months from the day it started — Milez and Manderz released another video, one that features appearances by Joey Fatone, Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest, Michael and Julian Rapaport, Channing Tatum (in Prague!), Chris Kattan and Pedro from “Napoleon Dynamite,” not to mention a totally creepy magic trick by David Blaine.

In the words of crackerjack cameraman Brendan Kennedy (who tipped us off to the battle): “I LOVE IT. Oh, and it kept my attention-deficit-ridden brain for all 9:59 of it.”

And it’s still not over! Watch the latest vid to find out how the crews are going to settle this beef once and for all.

Who do you think will win? AC/DC have some crazy moves, but M&M have, well, Miley.