Who Is ‘Miss Rap Supreme’ Winner Rece Steele’s Rhyme-Spitting Mom?

The “Miss Rap Supreme” finale aired last night and, in addition to a handful of special guests — Missy Elliott! Will.i.am! The criminally underused Roxanne Shanté! — we got a pretty decent showdown between the show’s top three.

Ms. Cherry got the boot after dissing Rece Steele’s mom during a rhyme battle but failing to close, while Byata impressed “legend” and “genius” will.i.am (really cheapening some words there) with a hip-pop hook. But it was Bronx rapper Steele who walked away with the crown, the cash and a tone-deaf serenade from Kool Keith.

Cherry’s slam and a couple of references to Steele being “a second-generation MC” got us wondering: “Who’s Rece’s mama?”

The show gave us a brief glimpse of L.A. Star, but here’s a little extra info. The L.A. stands for Lisa Ali; Ms. Star, like her daughter, is a proud New Yorker. In 1990, she released her first and only album, Poetess, and shot a video for the single, “Fade to Black,” which you can watch after the jump. And I could be wrong, but that looks like a lil’ Rece about 30 seconds in. …

What did you think of the show? Personally, I thought Lady Twist and Nicky2States were taken from us far too soon, and I wanted to see Ms. Cherry go up against Rece in the final two. But more important, I can’t believe we never got a guest appearance from Persia of “The White Rapper Show”!

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