Deerhunter’s Album Leaks, MTV News Collectively Freaks Out

As you know by now, most of the MTV News crew was out in LA all last week for an obscure awards show. So when word spread like email wildfire that the new Deerhunter album had leaked online, many of News’ indie collective were frustrated beyond belief that they had to actually “produce live TV” rather than rush to their laptops and download that luminous sonic jewel. (Seriously, Bradford Cox inspires a kind of embarrassing level of musical worship on the 29th floor. And Brooklyn.)

So in the competition to be the first among us to listen to Microcastle (it’s not even supposed to be out for months!!), the winner was…Jim Cantiello. His thoughts?

Jim: It rules. Such a neat direction for the band to go in. [Ed: FYI, Jim has patented a neo-hipster use of the word “neat.”] Where the “Intro” on Cryptograms is a build-up of mood, the Microcastle intro explodes with melody, a clever signal of what’s to come. The influence of 50’s pop is much more on the forefront of this record (what with the “Earth Angel”-esque strumming on the album’s closer), but they’ve still kept their signature Deerhunterisms in place. (The vocal loops, doom-and-gloom lyrics, and cathartic releases are all in there — you just have to listen closely for them.) I’m bummed that “Calvary Scars” isn’t the six-plus-minute, boppable version they played at CMJ, but the truncated version works really well as part of the mid-LP suite. All in all, I think it’s an awesomely focused and mature offering — the perfect album for them to put out at this point in their career. Go, Deerhunter!

Have you heard the album yet?

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