Mrs. John McCain Finally Gets Around to Taking Her Millions Out of Sudan (Um, What Genocide?)

You know how we’ve all known things are messed up in the Sudan for years? That the Sudanese government has been involved in…what’s the word…a GENOCIDE in Darfur? And you know how everyone divested all their money out of the country because that was the nice thing to do in the face of crimes against humanity?

Well! Potential First Lady Cindy McCain decided to play it differently — you know, do things in her own time. So it seems she just got around to divesting $2 million in funds with links to the (still) war-torn African nation.

We guess her husband, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, can now breathe a bit more easily: he’s called for a tougher policy in dealing with the Sudanese government, even when talking to us.

To be fair, Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama only got around to fully divesting last year. But the man most certainly did not have millions invested in that country…

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