Excellent Radiohead Waterbottles Give the Earth Some Love

Did you know that more than 15 billion bottles of water are produced every single year?

And of that number, only 12 percent are actually recycled, meaning that nearly 40 million plastic bottles go into the trash or become litter every single day?

Yeah, neither did we. Luckily, the Gloomy Guses in Radiohead are always around to remind us of what a terrific job we’re doing raping the planet. This time their helpful reminder comes in the form of these custom-made water bottles, which they debuted onstage this past Monday at the kickoff of their North American tour in West Palm Beach, Florida.

And even though they’re not exactly the most, uh, rocking bit of merch, we totally want one! If only so we can scrawl our name on the front, just like Thom Yorke does! (Oh yeah, and to save the environment or whatever.)

A quick look through the W.A.S.T.E. Shop on their official site didn’t turn up a single mention of these Swiss-made beauties, so we’re asking fans who’ve been lucky enough to catch Radiohead live for help: have they been selling the bottles at the merch table?