T.I. Finally Has a Date — And It’s Not in Court

T.I.’s highly anticipated next album — and his first since his plea bargain on federal weapon charges — finally has a release date. Paper Trail, the follow-up to T.I. vs. T.I.P., drops August 12th. (The single, “No Matter What,” has been out for about a week, in case you non-hip-hop heads don’t know.)

It’s a weird time in a rapper’s life when even his standard ol’ press release gets all gushy and confessional:

“I must be a man and stand up and accept responsibility,” T.I. says. “I exercised extremely poor judgment, and for that, I must be willing to pay whatever price that comes before me.”

T.I.’s also set to star in the upcoming flick “For Sale” (produced by his label Grand Hustle), and make an appearance on “Entourage.” That’s right: “Entourage.” Ten bucks says the plotline involves Turtle…