The Official Word on Beck’s New Album: We So Told You So

We hate to say we told you so…but, well, we told you so (or rather, our sources told us so and we told you, but, you know…whatever).

On Monday, we got the exclusive scoop that Beck is planning on releasing a below-the-radar album sometime in the “next 4-6 weeks” — one produced by Danger Mouse and featuring appearances from a handful of talent, including Cat Power. And while neither Beck’s publicist nor his label would confirm the news, we felt confident in our sources and went with it anyway — just like in “All the President’s Men!”

The story got picked up by the likes of Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Perez Hilton, but it wasn’t until today that we got the official word — or, rather, official press release — that Mr. Hansen would, in fact, be releasing an album.

“Beck has recorded a new album, produced with Brain ’Danger Mouse’ Burton, to be released this summer,” the release read. “The as-yet-untitled album contains 10 new songs,…a tightly assembled group…that range in lyrical tone from introspection and social commentary to off-the-cuff wordplay and lighthearted humor…Musically, the album’s ten tracks vacillate between economy and experimentation, hybrid and pop classicism.”

Which is all a very longwinded way of saying “MTV Was Right.” Now never doubt us again.

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