How John Mayer Hones That Focus-Grouped Sound

The brilliant folks at Funny Or Die have passed along a clip Guitar Virtuoso(TM) John Mayer shot for them, all about how he writes those Grammy-winning tunes that make suburban moms (and Jennifer Aniston) cry.

In it, you will find that Mayer, who by his admission has “not been inspired since 2004,” has adopted progressive songwriting methods -- such as employing two dudes to churn out complex lyrical themes in his “idea room”...

Dude #1: You like the girl…but you can’t get the girl.

Mayer: If I can’t get the girl, why don’t I just tell her I’m John Mayer?

Come along with The Guitar Virtuoso as he asks the question: “Have all the chords in music been found? Most people say yes. I say, ‘Not so fast, a**hole.’”

Update: Oops! Too many obscenities, which are like kryptonite for Viacom. So you'll just have to go directly to their site to watch the clip.

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