Tokio Hotel Fans Think They Are ‘Sooooooooooo HOTT!!!!!!’

This is interesting. We here at MTV News thought we were kind of conducting a fun little experiment when we published an item on Tokio Hotel a couple weeks ago. We were sort of daring the rumored-to-be-rabid fan base to react. But in the words of “GG,” OMFG! Y’all are too much!

Here’s a mere sampling of the massive groundswell of comments we received just overnight when posting about the pint-sized German band’s visit to Times Square yesterday. And if you care this much, maybe we’ll just roll out a video piece on the band. Don’t tempt us…

On Appealing to All Ages Forever & Ever:

Val: I wish you’d stop referring to their fans as 14-year-old hysterical girls or tweens. I am in my 30s and not particularly hysterical and have been a fan of this bad for almost two years now since discovering their music on YouTube.

Melody: Maybe it looks like that TH only has teenie 13-years-old fans, but that’s not real.

Oyoa: I didn’t know I was considered a shrieking 14-year-old tween…seeing as I’m 19.

Maggie: Please, PLEASE, for the love of God stop referring to all of their fans as “tweens” or “little 14-year-old girls” because it isn’t true. Yes, there are younger fans, but the majority of TH fans are 17 or well into their 20’s and even 30’s (and older). Referring to their fan base generally as “tweens” is quite insulting.

Sylvia: I’m 17 and I love this band. Don’t believe me go check out both my Gaias and my MySpace. I’m serious.

Amanda: Yeah, I’m 14 but I barely know ANYONE my age who even knows who Tokio Hotel are. And I’m rly mature and look older than my age and yeah if I ever saw them I would obv scream but still I’m not immature…

Alex: It’s not true that all of there fans are 14 years olds. Like me, I’m 15 and I know others who are older.

TH FanWoman: I know that the teen fans hate being called hysterical but they are. When you go to a Tokio Hotel concert you can barely hear Bill’s voice over the screaming. I am not talking about the singing along with Bill but the random, high-pitched screaming and shrieking. I buy my tickets to hear the boys, not all that teenage horniness coming out in a scream.

On the Experience of Raw Desire:

ecem: Tokio Hotel is appearing very beautiful.


Alisa: They are f***ing amazing. They showed me that music doesn’t have to be complex and full of technicalities for it to eat my f***ing heart alive.
Shiira: I really, really, really, really, really want to injure the writer of this little article. “Anime Porcupine/frontBOY”? Are you kidding me? He’s not 12, he’s an actual adult, so get over the fact that he’s physically attractive (and yes, adorable) and pay attention to the talent he has…I guess “cute” German teenaged boys just isn’t sophisticated enough for MTV, what with the intellectual fare provided there, like “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila.”
Stephanie: im uber happy they have more and more ppl are learning about Tokio Hotel in the US…but at the same time it really PISSES ME OFF! cuz i don’t want them to start getting fans that just are in to them cuz their looks…i know it sound really selfish..cuz i don’t what them to gee other fans…but their so amazing i wanted to have them all to myself! I LOVE GERMANS!…TOKIO HOTEL I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND NEVER STOP ON ROLLING MY WORLD! TOM…U R SO HOTT…CALL ME!

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