Our Lo-Fi Punk Mixtape: No Age, Jay Reatard, Times New Viking, Vivian Girls & More

This in from MTV News producer (and lo-fi punk born-again) CJ Smith:

We just put up a special piece (like a Christmas special?) on the wave of punk bands doing it lo-fi these days. What can I say? It was a flimsy excuse to hang with LA's No Age, Columbus' Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horses***, Memphis' Jay Reatard, and Detroit's Tyvek. But there was so much more I wished we could have included from even more locales -- from Portland's awesome up-and-comers Eat Skull, France's barrier-breaking Cheveu, Brooklyn's beautiful Vivian Girls, and many others.

This just goes to show how strong this movement really is: once I got into it, it consumed me and changed my perception to the point where I don't really want to listen to much else. [Ed: There is a pill for that.]

So I've got something for you: a very cool mixtape using the awesome music site Muxtape -- which is probably one of the most amazing sites for music sharing (in this case, mixtape-sharing) to come along in quite some time. You simply upload music to your computer, set the track order, and bang! You've got your very own mixtape and web address that you can send to others to rock out.

So here's my attempt at doing our lo-fi punk piece justice, in mixtape form. Just please make sure to listen as directed. The instructions are sooooo complicated.