The Teenagers Love Hot Dogs, High School Seniors, America

Manhattan’s swanky Palace Hotel normally serves as the “UES” HQ for the phenomenal “Gossip Girl” series. But this week it was home to another group of Teenagers: the French pop trio that apparently read the MTV News blog and decided to come Stateside just as the entire 29th floor was becoming obsessed with them at once. (OK, they have an album and a tour. Whatevs.)

Our own John Norris, riding the waves of ironic pop ecstasy, sat down with lead singer Quentin Delafon, guitarist Dorian Dumont, and bassist Michael Szpinern to talk about their Reality Check CD — and, of course, “Gossip Girl,” which featured their anthem “Feeling Better” in a recent episode. (Actually, they’re asking their adorable female fans to shoot their own music videos for the single, which they say they’re planning to edit into one self-referential masterpiece.)

The band also told us why they decided to make themselves a pronunciation-challenged English-language band, why the French music scene is kind of awful [Ed: MC Solaar!!], and how disappointed they were when they first learned that Britney Spears wasn’t really a virgin. Sigh. Check back with MTV News for all of that.

After the interview, the boys were craving some authentic American cuisine, so they wandered down Madison Avenue to the nearest street vendor for hot dogs. After wolfing down his wiener, Quentin turned to the camera and exclaimed, “We love New York!”

Oh, Quentin, we hope you are not toying with us. We can never tell.

More pics from the shoot — and their weekend NY show — after the jump.

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