The Game, Keyshia Cole Shoot Collabo Video In ‘The Hood’

This in from MTV News producer — and gold-medal video-set visitor — Yasmine Richard. Girl hit the LA shoot for The Game and Keyshia Cole’s collaboration, “Pain”:

Last Friday, when we saw “The Hood” as the location for The Game and Keyshia Cole’s new collabo “Pain,” we weren’t sure to expect. But we were pleasantly surprised to see Keyshia and The Game and about 800 of Game’s closest friends making themselves at home on a really laidback set.

The set-up was pretty simple: The Game rolls up and hops in Keyshia’s black ’64 rag-top Chevy Impala. But it turns out that was easier said than done, because the first time Key Key put her foot on the gas, we heard a loud crash and saw something fall off from the back of the car. Smooth move, Keyshia!

Check back with MTV News for more on The Game and Keyshia Cole.


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