‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Vs. ‘Iron Man’: The Newsroom Showdown

With all the talk about “GTA IV” keeping people from leaving their homes long enough to see “Iron Man,” I thought I’d conduct an informal poll of some of the country’s savviest relatively young people: MTV News staffers. A quick survey found that six people are settling in for a weekend of gaming, three are headed to the movies and two will somehow squeeze in both. But what are the majority of us &#8212 13 people — doing this weekend? Neither! (Guys, I think this means we’re the reason the economy is tanking.) After the jump, we justify our weekend plans.

“Grand Theft Auto IV”
· I vote for GTA IV. Iron Man can wait.

· I already saw Iron Man, so GTA will be taking precedence. I’m more of 2K8 baseball fan though.

· I plan to do nothing but play GTA IV and eat a lot of donuts.

· Playing GTA after my wife goes to bed.

· http://www.wpbf.com/video/16030876/index.html [Ed.: I can only assume this is a GTA endorsement.]

“Iron Man”
· I’m an exclusive gamer to Wii, so I will hang out with some friends at Iron Man and then we’ll go to hit up Smash Bros. Brawl. I’ll consider PS3 when there’s a price drop.

· Well, I saw Iron Man, but if I hadn’t, I would be seeing it. So put me down for Iron Man cuz I wouldn’t play GTA ever.

· Long before Robert Downey Jr. had entered my consciousness, the only Iron Man I knew of was someone who could swim 2.5 miles, then cycle 112 miles, and top it all off with a marathon. As in: http://ironman.com/. How can GTA IV measure up to THAT kind of “sport”?!

· I think I’ll combine the two and eat spinach while driving.

· I also plan to get off my ass for a quick minute too … maybe to pay the McDonald’s delivery guy.

· I am going to see Robyn tonight, and the Teenagers tomorrow night. Being a music snob in New York City is exhaustingly excellent.

· I saw Iron Man earlier this week and really liked it. I don’t have Grand Theft yet. I really want to finish Assassin’s Creed before I get into another long story game. I think I’m going to eat a lot of sushi and go to a baseball game this weekend instead.

· Neither … I still need to play GTA: San Andreas first! (way behind the curve)

· I’m going to Coney Island.

· Probably neither. I’m such a girl.

· I’m not a dork.

· Because I’m not a total nerd (kidding … kind of.)

· Working. Sigh.

· I don’t have a gaming console and I like my movie-theater audiences subdued, unconscious if possible.

· Neither, unless my boyfriend really wants to see Iron Man. I’ll be going to see the Teenagers in Williamsburg.

· This is a working weekend for me.

· Making my own movie (misterrogersandme.com).

· I do not have a 360 or a PS3 — no thanks to Stephen “The Big Dawg” Totilo — so playing GTA4 isn’t even an option. As for Iron Man, I was never a fan of the book. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the film, but I tend to stay away from big budget pictures opening weekend. I sorta hate being around people, so…

What are you doing this weekend? “GTA”? “Iron Man”? Something even better that we don’t know about because we’re not cool enough? Let us know!