Death Cab For Cutie Blog Their Tour, Reveal That Sometimes a Band Needs a Nap

Our shoe-in candidate for most likable bassist, Death Cab For Cutie’s Nick Harmer, is busy blogging away about the band’s tour. And what we’ve learned thus far about the lifestyle of the indie outfit with a Number One album (Narrow Stairs) is this: they suffer from really bad jet lag; they like to go for (Morrissey-inspired?) walks through English cemeteries; they worry a lot about whether or not they sound any good; they are really into “Battlestar Galactica” and “The Assassination of Jesse James.”

But don’t worry, Death Cabbies (Death-heads? Cab-heads?)! Nick has promised that he’s going to write some more about things like “partying” and “rocking and rolling all night”! Any day now, he’ll tell us how debauched Ben Gibbard really is. (It’s always the sensitive-seeming guys who get the most messed up when their fans aren’t looking. Call it a theory.)

So check back with Buzzworthy for Nick’s next installment…