We Are Still Totally Bitter As Our Co-Workers Hang With Tyson Ritter, Tila Tequila in Lead-Up to So-Called 'Movie Awards'

The MTV News slackers on the Left Coast tell us the insanity around the MTV Movie Awards is approaching fever pitch as the big day (live! Sunday! 8pm!) creeps ever closer. Apparently, News has taken over nearly a dozen fluorescent-lit offices in the bowels of Universal Studios lot, right next door to the "Desperate Housewives" set, and...(insert inappropriate comment about Teri Hatcher here).

Here's just some of the "work" you can get done after an all-nighter at Hyde with Lindsay Lohan:

· Tila Tequila handicapped the Best Kiss Award.

· All-American Reject Tyson Ritter took us to celebrity hiking hot spot (only in LA) Runyon Canyon to give us the (pooper) scoop(er) on "House Bunny."

· We unearthed this fairly embarrassing 1987 audition tape from 2008 Generation Award recipient Adam Sandler.

· We crashed the Movie Awards writers’ meeting.

· And Verne Troyer taught our own Top Model, Kim Stolz, the art of living large in Hollywood.

What's going down today? God only knows. And on Sunday?? God help us.

And before the Awards go live, be sure to check out MTV News’ “Coming Attractions” pre-show at 7:30pm. Why? Because it will be amazing.