We Are Bitter As Our Co-Workers Get Mani/Pedis in LA With Anna Faris in Lead-Up to So-Called 'MTV Movie Awards'


As we mentioned briefly yesterday, pretty much the entire MTV News department (well, 70%?) is out in LA right now, sipping diet vodka coolers underneath palm trees while being fanned by Gary Busey. This is because they are all (cough) “preparing” for the MTV Movie Awards (live! this Sunday! 8pm! excitement!). And yes, we can write our co-workers up as slackers because they are not here right now.

Here’s some of the star-studded absurdity that passed as “work” for MTV News in LA yesterday:

· Tim Kash caught up with “The Foot Fist Way” star Danny McBride, writer/director Jody Hill, and a little-known producer named Will Ferrell. (Tim says that punk’s not going anywhere, and fast.)

· We got mani/pedis with "House Bunny" stars Anna Faris, Emma Stone, and Katharine McPhee. (Tyson Ritter’s in that too.)

· News correspondent Kim Stolz began soliciting questions for "Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Because you crazy kids love you some “Twilight.”

· Kim also needs your help picking her red carpet dress. Seriously -- that’s hard work.

This is all building up to MTV News' "Coming Attractions" pre-show, airing this Sunday! right before the Movie Awards! at 7:30pm ET! And you will not miss this, of course, because our Movies team (in the Sneak Peek Week clip above) can totally sick Verne Troyer on you.