MTV News Does Not Give Enough Respect To Our On-Air Correspondents

John Norris is a well-loved on-air correspondent, great lover of indie rock, and longstanding key player in the MTV News team. But somehow, yesterday afternoon in the newsroom turned from e-chatter about the Teenagers’ new video into straight-up Norris-razzing. (We think John kind of ultimately prevailed...)

Joseph Patel: Teenagers new video

James Montgomery: Wow, I totally forgot about these guys. Oh, and I meant that not in some "pssssh im over it" kind of way. More like a "holy crap I was so into this A MONTH ago" kind of way.

Newsroom: I second that emotion. But I will "remember" them when I blog about this in about 2 minutes. Are blogs memory aids...?

John Norris: I am almost done logging the interview. Monty SAYS we can do the piece once he makes his leisurely way back from the Movie Awards.

James Montgomery: Dang, how long does it take you to log an interview? Two months?

John Norris: With all these interruptions, maybe three.

James Montgomery: (my response)

Jim Cantiello: John, done with that Jeff Buckley interview yet?

Joseph Patel: I'd just like to chime in and say it's incredibly refreshing that on-air talent is actually logging interviews.

James Montgomery: I'd just like to chime in and say I've been eating massive handfuls of the granola that you keep on your desk.

John Norris: Why thank you. Transcribing, actually, verbatim. Some of us are team players...