South Dakota Makes Another Pass At Abortion Ban


South Dakota is one of those states that makes new laws by putting them on the ballot and letting the state's citizens decide whether or not they're down with that. But this November, South Dakotans will be voting on an abortion ban that looks an awful lot like the one its citizenry voted against back in 2006 (see the MTV News coverage above). So we were a bit shocked to learn that a similar ban is on this November's ballot. Hmm. Didn't the people already weigh in on this issue...?

It isn't getting much media attention (yet), but Measure 11 would ban all abortions except for victims of rape and incest who report the crime to law enforcement and allow collection of both their DNA and that of the fetus (gross). There is also an exception for women who are "at serious risk of a substantial and irreversible impairment of the functioning of a major bodily organ or system." We don't know how you prove that, but we do know that both sides in this really heated debate have come to a nice agreement on the rules for this fight: no gross pictures of fetuses allowed. Who knew the debate over choice could be so civilized?

Hey, South Dakotans! Are you going to stand for having your vote questioned? Has the whole state changed its mind in less than two years?