Rye Rye Shakes NYC To The Ground


Akshay Bhansali reports:

Last night I cut over to Porch (thanks to Sonia and Nick!) in New York's Alphabet City to cop my first live look at Rye Rye, an MC whose hit, "Shake It to the Ground," has made her a Baltimore-hipster darling.

She's already toured with M.I.A. and is being promoted by Hollertronix king Diplo and his label, Mad Decent. Yesterday she arrived by train to New York City at 10 p.m. with her mom at her side. She performed. And then, as quickly as she came, she got on a train at 3 a.m. so that she could arrive back home at 6 a.m. After all, she can't afford to be late for high school. She's only 17!

I have to say, it was interesting to see mom tenderly dote on daughter — combing her hair and making sure everything was in order, only to have Rye Rye erupt into a sweat-infused crump frenzy! She's pure energy, combining rhymes over gutter B'more house cuts and busting electric dance moves. She performed "Gangsta Girl," "Shake It to the Ground" and "Wassup Wassap," among others, and they're all available on the Internetz.