Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

soldiers.jpgIn honor of the holiday, here's a collection of stories we've done in recent months on U.S. troops and the issues affecting them.

· We've followed the GI Bill, from the debates on the floor of Congress to its approval in the Senate, from the soldiers' gripes to our own.

· We set up an intimate Q&A session between the Democratic presidential candidates and a group of soldiers.

· The cast of "Stop-Loss" told us how their perceptions of the military changed over the course of shooting the movie.

· Some Obama-supporting vets explained what their candidate is doing to address their concerns.

· We looked at a virtual-reality game that's helping soldiers with PTSD.

· We cheered when gay and lesbian soldiers won right to sue the military over unlawful dismissal.

· Our Choose or Lose Street Team '08 members have run several stories about young soldiers, including Iowa correspondent Nathan Leigh's piece on Spc. Nicholas Maranell's take on our presence in Iraq.

· And on the lighter side, four "American Idol" fans — who also happened to be soldiers stationed in Iraq — found the time to write up their opinions about the show. Now that's going above and beyond the call of duty.