79-Year-Old 'Idol' Fan Reacts to David Cook's Win

After an “Idol”-heavy day at MTV News, we thought we’d close up shop at Newsroom with this quick post, on our favorite pop-culture addict of our grandparents’ generation, one Paulie Martin. After we told you just how super-faithful an “Idol” viewer Paulie is -- not one episode missed! –- it was only fair to check back in with the septuagenarian for his reaction to the season finale.

Predictably, he was ecstatic that David Cook won by 12 million votes -- but he knew the kid would take the prize all along! Archie, Paulie said with great finality, "just wasn't as good.” And you better believe Paulie was ticked off at Simon Cowell’s premature prediction that Archuleta would wipe the floor with Cook. “Simon and his big f---ing mouth,” he said. “I'm so happy the people proved him wrong!"

When we asked Paulie what might be next for Cook, without missing a beat he replied, "He'll have a great musical career and be one of the top recording artists ever. He's got the voice!!"