What Went Wrong For Almost-Idol David Archuleta?

OK, so as we all know, David Cook beat out David Archuleta last night on “American Idol.” But what was a surprise upset for some was kind of a given for many of the hundreds of readers who wrote in during the broadcast.

While there were plenty of Archuleta-heads, many Newsroom readers who gave the kid props for vocal skills simply didn’t see him as having the stage presence and personality necessary to be named Idol...

Abbie: David Archuleta has an AMAZING voice, he’s definitely better vocally than David Cook, but he’s limited in that he can only do ballads without looking extraordinarily awkward.

Diana: It isn’t about the best VOICE. It is about who is the best SINGER. David Cook has the stage presence, maturity, ability to make a great album and put on a great concert -- which I think is what this is about. If it were about the best voice, they would put them behind a black screen and have them sing the same song, in the same style. David A. is not cut out for the pop style of music, he will have great success in another genre.

Daizee: David Cook is the real thing. Who wants a pageant king? Archie is awesome…don’t get me wrong. But Cook is a bartender with no coaching. That is the true American Idol!

Darling: He makes me sleep every time he sings. (Yeah he’s got nice vocals, but I find him boring!)

Brian Z: If Archuleta wins, he should make a record with Ruben Studdard. You will hear both of them in elevators around the country LOL.

Big D: David A always looks soooo uncomfortable. I think he has major self-esteem issues.

Cookalltheway: David Cook should win. He is the real performer. Archuleta…can’t own the stage to save his life.

Mark: David A might be the most boring 17-year-old on the planet. No personality, no charisma, no showmanship, and a voice that is good for annoying karaoke ballads. He is as exciting as a wet mop.

Beyond that, a lot of you waxed industry-savvy, predicting that Archuleta’s ballad-driven style wouldn’t sell CDs...

Stephanie: Would you really buy Archuleta’s CD? I know I wouldn’t.

Sonja: David Archuleta has a beautiful voice, but I wouldn’t buy a love-song CD.

Jenna: It’d be hard to sell a 17-yr-old’s record (remember last year’s winner?), unless that teen is in a cheesy boy band, or is Avril Lavigne/Britney Spears reincarnated. To tell the truth, I don’t like Cook that much, but he’s more marketable.

And some of you simply thought Cook brought the most diverse range of performances...

Jason: Arch has a great voice, but no way should he win. He has no versatility whatsoever. He can do one thing…Cook is more well-rounded. He has the stage presence, the range, and the personality to do it all.

Big D: He can sing, but only ballads -- who wants to hear ballads all the time?

Neeta: Archuleta’s songs sounded too much like a good karaoke rendering yesterday. I thought I was listening to Elton John. Cook is an original! He took hit songs and changed them and made them awesome. I bought “Billie Jean.” Love it. He took an unknown song and made it his own and made me want to hear it again. He even showed us his tender side. All we got from Archuleta was the tender side. It was nice, but I know I would get bored quickly…

Do you agree with the commenters’ Cook consensus? Why do you think David Archuleta lost?