Courtney Love Calls For Backup Singer, Genius Knitter

Every now and then, Courtney Love likes to post rambly stuff on her MySpace blog. (Who uses MySpace anymore? Courtney, we guess.) To wit: posted sometime yesterday, this brilliant call for someone "super super crafty" to make high-end lacy something-or-others for Courtney's "apparel." Oh, and Court needs a backup singer in the studio, too...

(Current mood: determined)

i need a brilliant macrame or knitter for creation de beaute

anyone out there super super crafty or if not have an amazing lace collection i could buy? im looking for someone who can knit lace, now this is a very very very lost art, i think there may be two old czech ladies in hollywood who did beading for Bob Mackie who do it but i noted a Victorian Knitting Blog and i saw some really beauitiful designs, i dont want to spill too much but we have to create a sample because people have ZERO imagination and the people who are financing my apparrel certainly dont when i said body suits/tights and meant very very high end they sent me a brochure of like leg avenue wannabe pam andersons, NO NO NO, if you or anyone you know possesses this skill let me know at once - u shall be compensated and we in preproduction so HURRY ill also need the lightest most amazing tulle i think Mood just opened in la cos the tulle at isw is stiff and vile i mean strimpet and pink light as a cloud imagine a pair of tights youd sell for 600 dollars? you CANT? well leave that to me - i just dont want to cut up wedding dressings for something made of polyurethane in the end and id rather pay for the labor -= okay i have to order my vintage fix and chant! do well go to us search and pick rhode island hawaii any state and just stick in the cobains, i think were at 4500 properties now! genius! i wish i knew how to use craigs list or id just blog this in there but hey f*** it

also lissie is still in the running to sing on the record as adele got famous after i told perez after "homecoming": and now shes a;l huge -= i wonder if she has any clue how it occurred - i mean i hear this girl and me and jason put it on jukebox i tell perez who has great ears and he blogs twice and bam shes insta star! cool! if youve got a booootoful voice i wanna hear it i mean like melissa type higher than mine and you understand rock n roll - rollit on over to me girl were recording very very soon and would need you at rehearsal asap.

cmon my little otis hosiery obsessed child! come out come out! ill need apliques of cherry blossoms and cabbage roses and ivy and wisteria too, and vv reloux flowers too.........hmmmm..........and shreddd chiffon with distressed beading we can make in my sewing room soon there wont be a sewing room so hurry bebe.

love court