Things T.I. Found Time to Do While on House Arrest

So, last weekend, Sway, Shaheem Reid, the MTV News crew, and I were visiting T.I.'s house in Atlanta. We were down in the "basement," which is sort of not like a basement at all but a secondary living room that's bigger than the entire floor of my NY apartment building. Yeah. We had just finished this interview with T.I. that you've seen just a piece of -- a knock-em-down sitdown with the King of the South, where he talked all about his legal troubles, the birth of his new baby, and his upcoming album (which is straight FIRE).

But all day, this thing kept catching my eye: a Lego-replica of the Eiffel Tower, situated right next to this pool table and near the back porch where we did the interview. I'm thinking, What in the world is a Lego replica of the Eiffel Tower doing here? So I asked. And got an answer: T.I. built it. No, seriously, T.I. BUILT IT. Legos. Eiffel Tower. Replica. Word.

I guess he really used that house arrest time to diversify his recreational endeavors.

Anyway, T.I. was the most hospitable of hosts. He got Sway tea for his throat, he cleaned up the plates and glasses by himself, arranged the chairs all neat-like as we left. It was the most unassuming thing I've ever seen from an artist, let alone one of the biggest rap stars in the country. And the EIFFEL TOWER. Full of surprises.