Josiah Leming Signs Deal, Records in LA -- And We Are There

By now, you've probably heard that Josiah Leming, the talented, teary-eyed moppet who was cut from "American Idol" earlier this year after his disastrous take on "Stand By Me," has signed a deal with indie stalwart Warner Bros. Records. And if you haven't, well, what kind of borderline-obsessive "Idol" fan are you, anyway?

Back in February -- just days after he got the boot from "Idol" -- MTV News traveled down to Leming's hometown of Morristown, Tennessee, to spend some time with the 18-year-old sensation and watch as he carefully pondered his next move. And while we can't spill all the details yet, let's just say that last week, we spent even more time with him -- this time in an LA recording studio, where he was starting work on his Warner debut.

So what does Josiah have to say about "Idol?" And when can fans expect to hear brand new songs from him? Check back with next Wednesday to find out.