MTV News Exclusive: T.I. Speaks to Atlanta Kids As Part of His Community Service


Last weekend, MTV News sent Sway, Shaheem, and producer Joseph Patel down to Atlanta to hang with T.I. They interviewed him at his home, and, on the day after his new son was born, even followed him as he performed his court-mandated community service -- something no media outlet has filmed before. And the biggest surprise of all? The man is an excellent public speaker. He really got the kids worked up.

Check out the clip above, shot at ESPN Zone for a group of students as part of the Atlanta Education Fund Student Forum. T.I. talks in really plain terms about the point of staying in school.

You can read what T.I. has to say about the firearms bust here. And below is a snapshot of the community service form he must have signed every time he puts in an hour giving a talk like this one.