Petite, One-Handed Progressive Beloved By Indie Rockers Loses Senate Primary

Oh, unhappy day. Steve Novick, our favorite indie-rock pick for the Democratic candidate in Oregon’s Senate-seat battle, has lost to Establishment pick Jeff Merkley 45% to 41%. So close, sweet Political Pirate, but not close enough!

Ah, Steve. Not only does the man overcome his disability with glee (and beer bottle-opening! see above!), but he’s a crusader for the environment -- and he graduated from his class at Harvard Law while most of us were still drinking away our undergrad senior year. Sigh. Even though they’ve got the Number One album on the charts this week, we know this is causing Death Cab For Cutie some real grief.

Not that it’s any consolation, but there were many groans of disappointment in the MTV News newsroom this morning. Guess it’s back to politics as usual.

Wait a minute -- this just in! We hear that Barack Obama’s middle name is really “Hook”! Spread the word...