Weezer Tap K-Fed For Music Video, And We’re Not Kidding

A lot of requests come through MTV News for various footage we’ve shot over the years, but none has amused us quite as much as this: Weezer’s people phoned in for our in-the-studio interview with none other than Kevin Federline.

That’s right -- K-Fed!

It seems that the band (i.e. Rivers Cuomo having a creative fit) really, truly, deeply want to use that footage for their upcoming music video. And yes, it sets the mind reeling.

We all saw the fiasco/genius that is the Red album cover, but what on earth are these boys thinking?

Check out K-Fed breaking down his stunning single "Popozao" after the jump, and tell us what you think Weezer are up to.


And you can watch the entire interview here.