79-Year-Old 'Idol' Fan Weighs in From Miami, And It's Golden

So three MTV News producers walk into a warehouse space in Miami…No, really. They were there to interview Flo Rida for a new MTV series that’s still top secret but one we’ll be filling you in on soon enough. Anyway, that’s the thing about TV production: it often takes you to places you never imagined you’d be, where you encounter characters who might otherwise go undiscovered. Characters like, in this case, Paulie.

Paul Martin is 79 years old, and he grew up in Des Moines where he was a corn and soybean farmer for fifty years. He served as a sergeant in the Marine Corps during the Korean War, where he was wounded twice and earned a Purple Heart. Paulie moved to Miami a few years ago, and now helps run the facilities at Big Time Studios, where we shot with Flo Rida. And you know what else? It turns out the man’s a HUGE “American Idol” fan who claims he hasn’t missed a single episode.

So what did Paulie think of last night’s “Idol”? Find out after the jump.

Paulie’s a David Cook fan, and he’s convinced Cook is going to take the prize. He says the kid’s a better performer, more mature, “and he knows what’s going on.” But, he admitted, “I hear it’s 50-50.”

Besides, Paulie chimed in, that Archuleta shouldn’t win because: 1) he’s too young; 2) he listens to his father too much; and 3) he shouldn’t have chosen to go second in the finale (but the kid probably “listened to his dad on that!”). All in all, Paulie told us, Archie shouldn’t even have made the finals -- “the pretty black girl deserved the spot” more than him!

And what about tonight’s grand finale?

“I won’t miss it,” he said, adding that he’s tracking all the news on it now. “I’ll be paying attention all day.” Still a staunch believer in the power of Cook, we asked Paulie how many times he’ll call in a vote for him tonight. “I only vote once!” he replied. “I don’t cheat!” So does he like to crack open a brew when he watches the show? "I haven't had a drink in 50 years,” he said, “and I'm not gonna start tonight!" (Um, hopefully, if Archie wins, it won't drive him to drink…)

And after the finale, is there life after “Idol”? For Paulie, there certainly is. He told us, “I can’t wait to vacation in Key West this weekend for Memorial Day so I can meet all the ladies.”

We must agree with production manager Adam Stewart when he summed up Paul Martin: “This. Man. Is. Golden.”