New '90210' Stars the Kid From 'The Wire,' And We Are Depressed, Enraged, Confused

There are a few surreal things about the remake/spin-off/whatever of "90201," set to hit the venerable CW this fall: 1) it has been produced; 2) it stars Lucille from "Arrested Development" as the tipsy-but-wealthy grandma; and 3) we repeat, it has been produced.

Oh, wait -- there's more. And here's the point of this post:

The new series stars Tristan Wilds from "The Wire" as one of the Beverly Hills crew. Yeah, that's right: the kid from "The Wire".

How is this possible? What the heck kind of nightmare of a career misstep is this? Wilds goes from playing a breakout role in THE GREATEST TELEVISION SERIES OF ALL TIME (admit it: "The Sopranos" trailed off, and you know it), and he parlays that into playing a brat on a remake of a teen soap that was kind of major for the 90s generation? Oof. Who's his agent? And will be receiving counseling from Jennie Garth...?

Check out the terrifying season promo above.

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