Method Man Reminisces About the Day He Complimented Britney On Her Terrific Backside


This in from MTV News reporter Shawn Adler:

There are moments in a man’s life that remain indelibly marked in his mind, those brief instances where serendipity combines with ecstasy to change one’s very existence. “I will never be the same,” you think, soaking in the sounds, the sights, the smells. The birth of a child. Your first time with a woman. And then, for the very specific few: the first time you got a chance to look at Britney Spears’ rear end.

And, you are right, you will never be the same again. (Every male 20-27 is high-fiving himself mentally right now, by the way. I know it’s hard to imagine, what with how totally insane Britney is now, but nobody can ever take away 1999. Britney and I are almost exactly the same age. I was a senior in high school when “Hit Me Baby One More Time” came out. It was awesome.)

That’s also the story according to the one and only Method Man, who recalled for MTV News the first time he met Britney like it was the day Kennedy got shot. And what was the focal point of this great meeting of the minds on the "TRL" set? Britney’s mind-blowing backside, of course.

Method Man giddily recalled: "I leaned over and said into Britney’s ear, ‘You have a fat a-- for a white girl.’ She didn’t say a word. She didn’t say a word. She waited until everybody was done taking pictures, paparazzi turned their backs, she turned around and looked at me with this face, [and said] ‘Thank you.’ Just like that. I loved it.

Oh, not as much as we do! Actually, you know what? I could write about the rest of what he said, but it’s not nearly as funny as seeing it for yourself. So check out the clip above.

Memories…misty water color memories…of the way Britney was...