Madonna Fans Already Lining Up, Scaring Us a Little

(by Sarah Muller)

We here at Newsroom have learned how intense Madonna fans can be. So we were not surprised to find hardcore devotees of La Dance Diva lined up in the rain for the chance to see her shake her frighteningly toned booty. That’s what you get when Madonna is not only performing, but she’s giving a free performance of Hard Candy (out today) — tomorrow night at NY’s Roseland Ballroom. It’s her “way of saying thank you” to fans yadda yadda, and the tickets are first-come, first-serve starting 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.

So, obviously, lifers are taking no chances.

Dana Spera, the first person in line, arrived outside of the club Monday at 10 a.m. — that’s right: Monday. Others arrived soon thereafter. As of 2 p.m. this afternoon, the line wrapped around the corner of 52nd and Broadway.

Armed with food, clothes, camping gear, flannel blankets, plastic tarps, trash bags, and anything to keep them warm on this freakishly wintry day (though thankfully no leg warmers or bows, because that would be so mid-80s), the crowd came prepared to wait…and wait…and wait…

But they weren’t expecting the cops who arrived to hassle them after neighbors complained. Jack Murray, numero dos in line, says the police made them take down a self-made tent covering the barricades while it was pouring outside. So mean, NYPD!

Despite the crappy weather, the group remains united in their mission to see Madonna. They’re helping each other out by holding spots if someone needs to get out of line for a few minutes to grab food or find an available bathroom. Though, one man — let’s just call him “Russell Jones” — said he was a little bummed out. He hasn’t been able to buy the new album yet because he’s been holding a spot near the front of the line. Russell politely refused to be identified for fear of being “reprimanded” by work for playing hookie. For chrissakes, it’s Madge!

Others played it safe. Chris Barone from Connecticut took three days off from work. That’s three vacation days. To him, the chance to see Madonna is priceless. “Too much time has been invested,” said Chris.

Um, we’re not sure if he means love hours or actual wait time.

More pics of the Madonna devotees straining their sanity after the jump.

Hmmm, camping…Not very hipster-disco, is it?

Q: Would Madge approve of this odd pairing of Navajo blankie and baseball cap?

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