Does Carrie Underwood Have a Serious Body Image Problem?


Kim Stolz and MTV News producer Vanessa WhiteWolf were sitting aboard an American Airlines flight, row 36 (yeah, that’s the new first class), returning to NY from the “Speed Racer” premiere shoot in LA. Flipping through the new InStyle, Vanessa started reading the cover story on Carrie Underwood and got to something so troubling that she elbowed Kim, who was engrossed in her way more highbrow New Yorker...

KS: What??

VW: Check out the opening of this interview: “It’s 5:30pm and Carrie Underwood hasn’t eaten all day...[T]here’s a platter nearby piled with sandwiches. But Underwood sips a diet soda and nibbles on a Weight Watchers bar instead. ‘Everything shows up immediately right here,’ she says, pointing to her tummy.”

KS: Are you serious? So depressing.

VW: Right? And it gets worse: “Some days I step out of the shower, put my lotion on, and I’ll be like ‘Ugh, ew, ew.’” I’m getting the impression that she hates her body.

KS: That’s so horrible. [looks at the pictures] She’s so skinny! Oh great, am I fat? [nervous laughter]

VW: I know!

KS: It’s a little disturbing.

VW: And completely irresponsible.

KS: Girls who look up to Carrie Underwood are going to read that she has these body issues, see how skinny she looks in the pictures, and think that they must look horrible.

VW: What is she thinking?

KS: I get that the goal is partly to show that even someone like Carrie Underwood can get insecure. But I think this is gonna do more damage than good.

The rest of the feature doesn’t get much better. Read Carrie's truly disturbing health tips, after the jump.

From “Carrie’s 9-Step Plan”:

1) Always look the part.

Most of the time I slap on some makeup in the morning so I don’t look bad if somebody snaps a picture. Somebody, somewhere, will catch you, even if it’s a fan at a grocery store. Very rarely do I go out without makeup.

2) Keep a food diary.

I’m OCD like that. I count calories, fat and fiber -- which is important in making you feel fuller faster -- and protein, especially when I’m working out.

3) Don’t be a dairy queen.

Cheese is ruining my life! I’m trying to talk myself into being lactose-intolerant. I mean, it’s basically moldy milk, and it doesn’t smell that great -- but it’s so good! Oh, jeez, I’m thinking about it now…

8) Go with the flow.

I tend to go after bigger, flowy tops or dresses. I know I’m doing myself a disservice, but I’d rather put on a muumuu and have people at least think there might be a skinny person underneath than put on something tight and have them think, Look at that gut!

Is anyone else as disturbed by this as we are? Think we’re making too big a deal of Carrie’s body image? The average-weight -- or even below average-weight -- high schooler looks at the pages, then looks at herself, and assumes she has a problem. Carrie’s a public figure – shouldn’t she think more carefully about what kind of advice she’s giving her audience?