Tokio Hotel Politely Trick You Into Singing in German

Have you seen Bill Kaulitz, the singer for Tokio Hotel? We here at MTV News are haunted by his compellingly shiny plastic doll's face, framed with hair like the world's most incredibly anime porcupine. Wait -- he kind of looks like a member of Jem and the Holograms...

Anyway, you have to hear how the girls scream at this band, as in this latest installment of their American tour diary (narrated by Bill in way-Germanic monotone [Update: It's his adorable brother Tom]). It's shrill, tear-stained, full-on-hysterical weeping. Tokio Hotel are truly the NKOTB of the IM-MySpace-Facebook-Interweb generation. Except they're German, skinnier, and shinier.

And incredibly, their American fans sing along to every word in both English and German -- can you imagine that?? These are kids who will not spell out things longer than "lol" but they'll learn German to sing along to this pop band? And their new album's not even available yet!

Here you can see them against a classic industrial-wasteland backdrop in the clip for "Ready, Set, Go!" Notice how when he plays a member of the oppressed masses, Bill's hair is all flat and limp and sad -- but when he's been liberated by the sound of rock, he gets all that body right back!


And if you feel truly, deeply moved to follow the continuing American adventures of the German tween sensation that is Tokio Hotel, you can check in with Buzzworthy on Fridays.