Beirut’s Zach Condon Discovered Training With…Mariachis??

A few weeks back, Zach Condon posted a rather cryptic message announcing the cancellation of a European summer tour, along with the suggestion that all the success and acclaim and attention heaped on Beirut over the last couple of years has taken its toll. Who could blame some from thinking all bets regarding the future of the band were off? Although Zach did end his letter promising “we’ll be back, in some form”…

Well, maybe, just maybe…that form will be…a mariachi band?

As you can see in these photos, Condon the globe-trotting savant has made his way South of the border — to Teotilian De Valle, Mexico, to be exact — where he’s been playing with a seventeen-piece local village band.

Meantime, Beirut do have a handful of North American dates coming up, including the Sasquatch Festival on May 24th.


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