G-Unit Shoot First Video For Album, Without Young Buck

Super-shooter Akshay Bhansali reports from the set of G-Unit’s “Like the Way She Do It,” the first video for their upcoming album, T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight):

While most of you enjoyed your sleepy Sunday, Tim “TKO” Kash and I trucked out to Brooklyn to join 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo on set. While the back-and-forth between G-Unit and exiled member Young Buck is the latest hip-hop playground spat to make news — Buck released a dis track over the weekend, in case you thought 50 was wrong — his absence at the shoot hung in the air amid wafting clouds of…other stuff.

Anyway, Fiddy teamed up longtime collaborator Jesse Terrero to make a spectacle of a video in homage to the Hype Williams era of big blockbuster videos. And while you’ll hear more about what we learned on the set, here’s some random G-Unit news:

· Banks is a visual artist who also designs all G-Unit’s jewelery. When he begins offering his paintings up for sale, he’s betting on a starting price of $100,000.

· Banks has already won Adult Video News (porn) Awards and wouldn’t mind getting in front of the camera in a “role.”

· Something a little more family-friendly: Yayo wants to open a chain of mini-marts — sort of like a soul-food version of 7-Eleven. He’d call them “Tony’s.”

· And finally, Fiddy. Yes, he is that trim. I guess if I too woke up with a 7- to 10-mile jog — sometimes with a parachute strapped to my back — I could look like that (what makes you think I don’t already?). Whatever.

Check back with MTVNews.com for more on G-Unit’s T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight), and the ongoing feud with Buck. And see lots more pics from the video shoot right here.