David Byrne Launches Ploy to Wipe Out Vampire Weekend

Today finds Pitchfork, the Daily News, and Stereogum all in a tizzy about David Byrne reuniting with Brian Eno for a new album. Well, media suckas, we actually gave you that scoop last month when Mr. Cindy Sherman played a set of new material with Norah Jones, Damien Rice, and some of the Scissor Sisters crew at this event.

And here’s the thing: When MTV News got a listen at that show, it was clear that Byrne’s new, Eno-rific tune marked a return to his earlier, world music-crazy days. Producer CJ Smith, who was on the scene, writes in:

That’s all I remember thinking when hearing him play it: “Man, this sounds like some African sh– again.” I mean, it’s sort of ironic after his public circle jerk of love for Vampire Weekend to return to that vein.

So…what? Would an amazing new, Afro-tinged album from Byrne ’n Eno effectively knock the legs out from under the boys of Vampire Weekend? What do you think?

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