When the UK Made a Difference in Indie Rock


MTV News is running a piece this week about how the latest generation of British bands hit a kind of ceiling when trying to break through in the US. Unlike, say, Oasis, newer groups like the Duke Spirit, the Heavy, and the Kooks have pretty much given up on topping the American charts.

All this talk had us thinking about the early 90's, when most of you were six years old and the Happy Mondays had a radio hit. The rave-centric Manchester scene, from the Mondays to the Stone Roses, was one of the most serious indie scenes happening. And you can check it all out in the clip above, resurrected from way back in March of 1990.

For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about here, this is an awesome primer. You can hear from Bernard Sumner of New Order, see a slice of a live show by the Mondays back in the day, and hear their singer Shaun Ryder give a classic bite: "It's a lot of ecstasy people come for, nothing special." But the real highlight is the look inside Factory Records' Hacienda club, and the totally outdated fashions of the crowd: Timbalands and faded jeans with 26-inch flares. Literally.

Those days are long gone. Or are we wrong? Never mind female solo artists like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse -- do you think British bands matter Stateside anymore?